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Night Runner – Free Unity Android Game

I’ve been working on several games that require heavy use of the accelerometer functions in Android devices and while I was refining my methods I came up with a simple casual game idea. After about 6 hours of work I had “Night Runner” – a fast paced accelerometer casual game!  Since my dev time on this was really really low I decided to launch it for free (no ads or anything) in the Market Place, just so people could have something fun and simple to play.

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Unity and Android’s GPS

Here’s something that frustrated me for about an hour. Hopefully this will help anyone else who wants to use the GPS with Unity Android since the documentation doesn’t have any examples… not to mention the answer is pretty confusing.

I’ll save you the long story and show you exactly how it’s done. The first thing we have to do is start the iPhoneSettings.StartLocationServiceUpdates function.  Yes, I know you’re on Android… you  have to use this function anyway.  Here’s a test script for you – put this javascript on your main camera and do a test build.

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