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Chain React now available!

My second Unity Game is now up and running on Facebook. It’s a little puzzle reaction game, similar to a few other out there. I thought I’d see if I could write one in Unity – and here it is.


Cap 1

Cap 2


How I learned to stop hating the Facebook API – Part One

I’m not a PHP programmer.  Let me rephrase that.  I’m not a PHP programmer, on purpose.  It’s not that it’s too difficult for me or anything along those lines, I just decided that there wasn’t a future there for me. Soooooo many other people jumped on the PHP band wagon, I decided not to try to be part of an increasingly over saturated market.  My opinions aside, it’s impossible to do anything web related without at least knowing how to get around PHP, and if you’re wanting to incorporate your game with Facebook there’s really no way around using it.  It’s not a hard language, and it’s pretty intuitive, so using it with the Facebook API should be no problem, right?  Right!?

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Blast Lab now available!

Blast Lab marks the first game completed in Unity. Currently I’ve only released it on facebook (which you can play here), but I will be sending it off to multiple game sites that accept Unity developed games.

I’ve got ideas for v2.0, but I’ll worry about those when I get there.  My hope is that this game will draw enough interest that I can port it over to the iPhone or Android.  Only time will tell!