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Fighting Piracy…

A few weeks back I noticed a sharp decline in sales for Zombie Room AR. I’ll have zero sales days for a couple days in a row now and again, but typically they pick back up as another university or country finds it.

After I hit 6 days in a row without a sale, I decided to check around and see if I could find out why. I looked through the visitor stats and saw that target image was still being downloaded around 10-50 times per day.  I looked at the free version downloads, and they had pretty much dropped down as well, so it wasn’t making much sense.

I dug through the referrers and found a Russian blog that was sending people to the target image. Upon visiting the blog, and much to my chagrin, I found a direct download to the full version of the game.  Interestingly enough, they had revved the version number too!  (Real Full Version is 1.1.1, Pirated is 1.1.2) Continue reading ‘Fighting Piracy…’