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Zombie Room AR Updates!

It’s been a pretty interesting ride so far now that Zombie Room AR has launched on the Android Market.

Let’s start with the Pros:

  • I’ve been listed by Unity as “The most awesome Augmented Reality Game” and showcased in their May 2011 Newsletter – which is way more than I ever imagined.
  • The game is also being showcased by Qualcomm themselves, which is also far more than I ever expectd.
  • I’m now installed in over 20 countries by thousands of users! Once again – totally unexpected!
Since life isn’t always a bowl of cherries, let’s talk about the Cons:
  • Android Market users are trigger happy with the 1 Star rating. In their defense, the game didn’t work for them – so the bashed it… but if they had only read the description they would have seen why…
  • Game doesn’t work on Android 3.x yet… but the market let’s them download and install it… which then doesn’t work… when leads to a 1 star rating. (This is Qualcomm’s SDK that doesn’t work – Unity works great… which is why the Market lets the download occur)
  • No ability to troubleshoot Qualcomm issues.  I’ll explain further below.
The Nexus S has been a pain in my neck since launch. The main issue is that my game loves to crash on the Nexus S due to issues on Qualcomm’s side of the house. From what I can tell, after the game loads it calls home to Qualcomm to get a ‘device profile’ template from their servers. Once it has this template it loads all the magic, which is where the Nexus S chokes and crashes.  There’s absolutely nothing I can do about it on my side of things, so I’m helpless and continue to get 1 star ratings from Nexus S users… and let’s remember, a 1 star rating cancels out a 5 star rating… so these things add up and really start to suck.
Check out my “How to play Zombie Room AR” video