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The Atlanta Game Dev Podcast

When I first started this blog a few years back I was a flash developer who decided to try out this Unity thing. Since then I’ve started my own game studio, had some awesomely successful games launched (some self published, some contracted out by other companies), and tried my best to post answers to incredibly annoying problems I come across.

For those of you who visit this blog often, I thought you might be interested in my podcast: The Atlanta Game Developer Podcast. I sit down with Cartoon Network’s Brad Merritt (His blog is the bullet pattern blog that you should totally read) and we crack wise and talk about all things Game Dev.

I don’t usually self promote things like that, but hey – maybe you guys will dig it.


Night Runner – Free Unity Android Game

I’ve been working on several games that require heavy use of the accelerometer functions in Android devices and while I was refining my methods I came up with a simple casual game idea. After about 6 hours of work I had “Night Runner” – a fast paced accelerometer casual game!  Since my dev time on this was really really low I decided to launch it for free (no ads or anything) in the Market Place, just so people could have something fun and simple to play.

More info here


Chain React now available!

My second Unity Game is now up and running on Facebook. It’s a little puzzle reaction game, similar to a few other out there. I thought I’d see if I could write one in Unity – and here it is.


Cap 1

Cap 2

Blast Lab now available!

Blast Lab marks the first game completed in Unity. Currently I’ve only released it on facebook (which you can play here), but I will be sending it off to multiple game sites that accept Unity developed games.

I’ve got ideas for v2.0, but I’ll worry about those when I get there.  My hope is that this game will draw enough interest that I can port it over to the iPhone or Android.  Only time will tell!

Space Sprites [Tech Demo]

Click Picture to Play

Title: Space Sprites
Genre: Technical Study
Dev Platform: Unity

Recently I was playing Galaxy Force II and marveled at how the rendering engine works. Sega came up with a “Sprite Scaling” technique that would increase the size of sprites to give a 3D look as the player approached them. The amount of detail and precision made me wonder if I could pull off a similar method in Unity, so I ended up creating this study.

The first level is comprised of nothing but 2D sprites (except for the ship model). The ship remains stationary while the objects are scaled in such a way to look three dimensional. I was also able to put in some unique collision detection without having to scale the colliders. With the exception of the starfield skybox, all sprites are scaling towards the craft.

The second stage (which loads after your ship is destroyed or reaches a certain ‘position’ on the map) is a typical 3D stage with terrain, water, buildings, and the like. I put the two together to contrast the difference between the two methods.

@!#?@!-Bert – [Full Game]

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Title: @!#?@!-Bert
Genre: Arcade Clone
Dev Platform: Flash

This game served as another promotional piece for my band and is a clone of the arcade classic “Q-Bert”. In this version of the game you play as 8-bit renditions of the band members and the enemies are vampires and robots.

Blast-Lab – [Full Game]

Click Pic to play on facebook

Title: Blast-Lab
Genre: Puzzle Game
Dev Platform: Unity

Blast-Lab started as a study on explosion physics. I had so much fun blowing things up that it easily lent itself to a fun puzzle framework. The objective of the game is to drop bombs to solve the various puzzles.

I incorporated the Facebook API in the game so unlocking achievements and levels can be published to the user stream. This helped propagate the install base.