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Errors when creating Large TileMaps with Cocos2D


Lately I’ve been building a lot of tilemap based games in Cocos2D and I’ve got to say, it’s pretty freaking sweet. There’s a lot of great tutorials on how to get started, plenty of help in the Cocos2D forums, and even a few videos people have put together. I did run into an issue today that I felt others may run into, so I wanted to post the solution.

I have a few levels in my game which require more than one TileMap. I ended up using two tile maps in 1 layer and I got the following compiler error:


*** Assertion failure in -[CCTMXLayer setupTiles]

This error is actually masking an error, and it took about 10 minutes for me to track down the actual problem. You can not use more than 1 TileMap per Layer. If you’re using TileD you just need to create a new layer and use your 2nd TileMap on it. All will be well. If you’re not using TileD then you are missing out because it’s a seriously awesome tool.



Wii U and the default Warawara Plaza bug


While this technically has nothing to do with game development, I thought I’d go ahead and post this since the internet is void of many answers. The short story is this: My Wii U Warawara plaza was only displaying the default Nintendo Miis as if I wasn’t connected to the internet.

The thing is, it used to work. It used to work just fine. Then one day it stopped. Well, that’s not technically true, I know exactly what I did. When I first set up my Wii U I put my Wife’s Mii as the default user. (It was a gift to her, so that seemed appropriate).  After a few weeks she asked that the default Mii be changed to mine. (I don’t think she liked people using the ‘Yeah!’ function on her drawings and such). So that’s what I did, I changed the default user to my Mii and then Warawara plaza went back to the default plaza… and never changed back.

I searched for weeks trying to figure out how to fix it, but nothing I did worked. I made sure I had set up my Friends list, I could navigate the Miiverse just fine. People I ‘Followed’ in the Miiverse would show up in WaraWara Plaza, but it still didn’t look or act right.

Finally it started working again. I’m not sure ‘exactly’ how, but here’s what I did and why I think it worked. We have several games, each of which we’ve played at least once on the Wii U when the user was my Wife’s Mii. I know that there is cached data saved in the system about each game, and I know there is cached data for every game for every User Profile. After changing to my Mii I didn’t play every game again. I played all except 1: Zombie U. (I’d been wrapped up with Arkham City and Mario Bros). When I finally put the Zombie U disc in yesterday everything in WaraWara started working again. I think that every game needed to have some initialization data saved in the User Profile in order to access the System information.  Since I was missing the Zombie U files, Warawara must have hit a false condition and just hung with the default plaza.

This is all observational, nothing scientific about my theory, but seeing as dozens of other Wii U owners have this issue I thought I’d put this up as a possible solution.