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Outhouse Launcher [Tech Demo]

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Title: Outhouse Launcher
Genre: Technical Study
Dev Platform: Unity

Outhouse Launcher was my first Unity Project. In this tech demo I wanted to study different methods of instantiation as well as learn about Unity’s built in physics. I also built the first version of my achievement system which shows on screen visuals when the achievement is unlocked. This proved a great introduction to Unity’s (new at the time) GUI scripting system, which is not the most user friendly or intuitive method to display 2D Textures.


Made For T.V. Movie – [Animation]

Title: Made For T.V. Movie
Genre: Music Video
Dev Platform: Hand drawn, rotoscopy, Flash, Premiere

I created this music video for my band’s album Blaming Tim vs The Mechanical Robots From Outer Space. I used a mixture of animation styles including rotoscopy, hand drawn animation, and flash animation.

I composited these together to create a short-story based around the song and theme of the album.

Slowly Killing Me – [Music Album]

Release Date: January 21, 2006
Label: Last Minute Productions
Length: 22:04
Our first EP showcasing our unique piano driven musical stylings.

Listen now on my band’s website

Track Listing

The Opener
Contradictory Me
Deprivation in F
Slowly Killing Me
Sucks To Be My Friend

Blaming Tim’s Relapse Adventure – [Music Album]

Release Date: November 21, 2008
Label: Last Minute Productions
Length: 27:15
The world’s first CD and Video Game released by an indie rock band! Let’s not be glib about this sort of thing… this is freaking unbelievable!

Listen now on my band’s website

Track Listing

Vampire Beach Part
The Rock
(I want to be a) Spice Girl
Perfect Person
Cast Your Next Another
The Secret Messages of Karel Capek

Blaming Tim vs The Mechanical Robots From Outer Space – [Music Album]

Release Date: January 29, 2010
Label: Last Minute Productions
Length: 29:34
Part concept album, part coloring book, part adventure novel, this record allows the listener to take each track individually or together as a whole. The over-all story in the album is that of a rocket-ship captain on a journey both internally and externally. He is faced with complex situations involving success, loss, forgiveness, robots, and redemption.

Listen now on my band’s website

Track Listing

Really Bad News
Made For T.V. Movie
Robots Are Technology
Still Me
Polysonicly Part III
Polysonicly Part IV – The Voyage Home