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Blaming Tim’s Relapse Adventure [FMV Game]

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Title: Blaming Tim’s Relapse Adventure
Genre: Full Motion Video Game
Dev Platform: Flash

Blaming Tim’s Relapse Adventure is a throw back to the game development method of the early 1990’s: Full Motion Video. My favorite game done in this style was the immortal classic “Night Trap”, and this game pulls multiple aspects from this source as an homage.

The game’s footage was shot on digital video and later compressed in H.264. The digital effects were created using Adobe After Effects. The actors are from the Improv Comedy troupe at Relapse Theatre in Atlanta.

Once I had the filming complete I wrote the game controllers to show the footage as different cameras throughout the theater. The timing aspect was especially tricky.

The game accompanied the musical album of the same name (by my band) and was used as a marketing piece.


Chopper Rescue – [Tech Demo]

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Title: Chopper Rescue
Genre: Technical Study
Dev Platform: Unity

Chopper Rescue is a Unity3D study in 2D game play in a 3D render. Based off of similar game dynamics as “ChopLifter”, I created this single level to showcase chopper style game controls while working in a fixed Z axis. I also worked with dynamic character spawning when landing on the ship for hostages to come out of the hold and work their way towards the helicopter.