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Remembering why I hate AS3

I’ve mostly switched over to Unity development, but once in a while a client will request a game in Flash and I take the job. It’s been about a year since I’ve done any AS3 work, but I picked it back up pretty quickly.

I started building my baseclass with all my reusable methods and started with the once I use the most (Pause, fadeIn, fadeOut, etc).  I started knocking everything together and it was going just fine, but then after adding in several classes I noticed that my alpha transitions started to hang randomly… how curious!  Here’s an example of my base class: Continue reading ‘Remembering why I hate AS3’


Unity & Me

I’ve decided to set up a development blog to document some of my adventures in Unity 3D.  Since I’ve spent the majority of my time deving in flash I was skeptical on switching to another platform for web gaming.

My friend Brad told me that Unity was the wave of the future and much more forgiving and rewarding than flash.  After several drinks I decided to give it a go. It’s free, it’s not that large of a download, and there’s a small but descent community to help out when you get stuck.  I went ahead and installed it.

I’ve got to say, I’m a 2D guy. I love digitizing characters mortal kombat style. I love side scrolling beat-em-ups. I didn’t think I was going to dig this.

First off, the software looks slick. By the time I got started they were already at version 2.6.1, and it’s pretty sexy. I went through a few tutorials, and the biggest problem I had is assets.  In the 2D world I have no problem whipping up something in Fireworks for PS… but what was I going to use for making 3D assets?  Luckily there are a lot of free 3ds and maya models available on the net.  They’re not all that great, but they’re great for learning how to use Unity.

I downloaded Blender so I could make my own models, but I’ve got to say it’s not very intuitive to the beginner.  The trial version of Maya definitely suited me better.

So now that’s where I am. Part designer, part modeler, all dev and ready to start releasing some games.