Space Sprites [Tech Demo]

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Title: Space Sprites
Genre: Technical Study
Dev Platform: Unity

Recently I was playing Galaxy Force II and marveled at how the rendering engine works. Sega came up with a “Sprite Scaling” technique that would increase the size of sprites to give a 3D look as the player approached them. The amount of detail and precision made me wonder if I could pull off a similar method in Unity, so I ended up creating this study.

The first level is comprised of nothing but 2D sprites (except for the ship model). The ship remains stationary while the objects are scaled in such a way to look three dimensional. I was also able to put in some unique collision detection without having to scale the colliders. With the exception of the starfield skybox, all sprites are scaling towards the craft.

The second stage (which loads after your ship is destroyed or reaches a certain ‘position’ on the map) is a typical 3D stage with terrain, water, buildings, and the like. I put the two together to contrast the difference between the two methods.



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